Critical Incident Support for School Employees

Schools are places where events take place which are upsetting, stressful and disorienting. Whether these events take place in or near the school or occur within the staff community, Bruce is ready and able to offer the needed emotional and psychological support to the school’s employees.

A critical incident is a sudden event which temporarily overwhelms affected people’s coping mechanisms, leaving them unable to function in their usual manner, either in their work setting or in other parts of their lives. Through employees being offered an opportunity to express their sense of what has happened to them, to explore their thoughts and feelings, and to learn how stress affects people after traumatic experiences, their coping mechanisms can be reinforced and encouraged and they can begin to make their way back toward their customary level of functioning.

Districts may have teams to support their students in crises but do not necessarily have a similar support for their staff. The CedarDance can effectively provide this support for you on a timely basis, skilfully utilizing different internationally recognized interventions to support you and your staff.

These services are provided at an hourly rate. Please speak with Bruce Cairnie to explore how The CedarDance can help you when your community encounters crisis.