Stress Management and Resilience Workshops

There are many demands on people at work and engaged in community organizations.  Sometimes their stress load can feel overwhelming. Learn practical and accessible strategies to use in the midst of a challenging meeting or conversation, through the turbulent flow of your day and to create balance for the big picture of your life. Workshops can be tailored to your needs and might be for an hour or for half or whole days. These increasingly popular opportunities are fun and full of learning, offering a great choice for a professional development day or some other occasion.

Stress doesn’t have to get you down! In our workshop times together, participants will find ways to laugh and explore what they are experiencing. Beyond that, skills will be taught that can assist individuals and groups in navigating their stresses, learning how to manage them and increasing their capacity.

In addition, take advantage of our expertise in resilience to explore ways that you can nurture your resilience. We also offer workshops that explore factors which boost resilience or habits that foster it.