CedarDance & Educational Leaders

The Langley School District and the Langley Principals and Vice-Principals Association have invited The CedarDance to support coping and resilience amongst educational leaders.

The first of a series of presentations took place in Whistler at the end of August, 2016.  The final event for all administrators and leaders will take place in Harrison Hot Springs in February, 2017.

Between those two dates, there are four occasions in which Bruce is working with new principals and vice-principals to discuss themes of resilience.

Subjects being covered are:

Character traits that contribute to resilience (positive attitude; empowered mindset; reflective living)

Resilience Science (Distress, Eustress, Stress Reactions)

Three Significant contributors to Personal Resilience:  Healthy Self-Esteem, Active Optimism and Unselfish Happiness.

Individual administrators and other educational leaders are invited to contact Bruce to discuss working together on their particular needs or forming a facilitated resilience group of peers that would meet, for a mutually agreed upon period time, to cultivate resilience skills.