CedarDance & Schools

Bruce offers support to individual schools, to school districts, to teachers’ associations and educational leaders. These supports take several forms:

  1. Offering support for school employees after critical incidents. Schools are places where events take place which are upsetting, stressful and disorienting. Whether these events take place in or near the school, or within the staff community, Bruce is ready and able to offer the needed emotional and psychological support to the school’s employees… For more information, please click here.
  2. Leading workshops on subjects related to stress management and both personal and corporate resilience. There are many demands on teachers and administrators and their stress load can feel overwhelming. Learn practical and accessible strategies to use in the midst of a challenging meeting or conversation, through the turbulent flow of your day and to create balance for the big picture of your life. Workshops can be tailored to your needs and might be for half or whole days. These increasingly popular opportunities are fun and full of learning, offering a great choice for a professional development day or some other occasion.
  3. Providing Critical Cncident Stress Management training that is approved by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. If your district or school are interested in creating a peer support team which can come alongside other employees in the event of a crisis, Bruce is qualified to provide standardized training. His own training in Critical Incident Stress Management includes training specifically related to schools’ needs. He has provided this multi-day learning experience to school teams in the past and is ready to support you.
  4. Support for Critical Incident Stress Management teams. When we have created teams and send them out to care for children and/or peers, we sometimes need to provide care for them. The Post Activity Staff Support intervention is a specialized response aimed at caring for the carers.
  5. Providing teaching and training for administrators’ retreats and professional development. The needs of administrators are different from those of the people they lead. Bruce can provide experiences of learning and laughter that are precisely focussed on principals, vice-principals and district leaders.

Please contact Bruce to explore how The CedarDance can come alongside your in your wish to support your school, your district or your staff.

Individual employees of schools and school districts are also invited to contact Bruce to discuss working together on their particular needs or forming a facilitated resilience group of peers that would meet, for a mutually agreed upon period time, to cultivate skills in stress management or explore elements which contribute to increased resilience.